DWC Youtube Channel

DWC Youtube Channel

Did you miss recent DWC Zoom presentations? No worries! The programs are now on the DWC Youtube Channel. Click on the videos below to relive the fun. Enjoy!

Y-Ker Acres: Matt Weik

Covid has caused disruptions to farms across Minnesota, but Y-ker Acres’ meat delivery is gaining steam and providing another source of revenue as restaurants and bars cut back their purchases. Matt Weik shared his recent development with online orders of their product and how the pandemic has changed their business model during this DWC Zoom Presentation on January 8, 2021.

DWC Memories Video

Memories make life richer, especially during a pandemic! We hope that you enjoy this compilation of photographs and videos from past and recent activities of the Duluth Womans Club, which is accompanied by Pianist Judy Arnold’s extraordinary talent. We enjoyed compiling this look back at how women supporting women makes such a difference in our lives. This video was shared during the DWC Zoom Presentation on 12/18/20.

DWC Holiday Memories

Relive past Duluth Womans Club holiday programs through this fun compilation of photographs set to the extraordinary talent of Pianist Judy Arnold. While we were unable to gather at the club this year, we can fondly remember past programs be thankful for our friendships, which are pandemic proof. Happy Holidays! This video was shared during the DWC Zoom Presentation on 12/18/20.

Hoops Brewery: Dave Hoops

Dave Hoops from Hoops Brewery in Duluth shared the ups and downs of operating a brewery during the pandemic on October 30, 2020. Check out his interesting presentation that was presented to members of the Duluth Womans Club via a Zoom presentation.

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