DWC Camera Club

Camera Club Meeting

Welcome to the DWC Camera Club! This group was formed by Lucy Kragness for avid photographers of all skill levels. Members have unleashed the power of their smartphone/tablet cameras, and we learn from each other. Members have been sharing their work in a private Facebook group; to join, click here.

On this page, Lucy will share images from our photo outings, as well as tips to enhance your skills. Photography opens our eyes to really see the world around us. Join us and have fun exploring what photography means to you. Who knows, you might find your latest obsession! Questions? Email Lucy Kragness at: lucykragness@gmail.com

Lincoln Park Outing: 6/25/20

Summer indeed arrived at Lincoln Park! While Miller Creek was pretty low, several photographers got close to capture the flow. We found how difficult it can be to capture the depths of a forest scene under the high contrast sky. One way is to convert an image to black and white. Or frame your photo inside your shadow. Look up to embrace the sun. The image of the couple at the picnic table creatively uses the large trees as a frame. I bet this random couple would love this photograph!

Light makes photographs possible. Photographers manipulate the light and share their interpretation of a scene. Photography helps us live in the moment.

Enger Photo Outing: 6/18/20

Spring flowers were dazzling at Enger Park, with a laker entering the harbor a pleasant bonus. Photography captures feelings. Photography tells stories. Photography jumpstarts the imagination. Photography is also fun to share!

On overcast days, colors are stunning. And you can easily see your screen! One of the members joked that we looked like some type of cult as we lined up to capture the boat coming in. That’s a good thing! While we might look like we are taking the same picture, all will be different. We are getting more comfortable using editing tools to enhance and to make creative changes. Been so much fun to learn and to share with each other.

CSS Trails Outing: 6/11/20

The unstable weather provided the perfect backdrop for our exploration of the trails behind the College of St. Scholastica. Many wildflowers were in bloom, and the added water from a brief shower added dimension to the close up shots. The grotto behind the soccer field is a hidden gem, with the rainbow photograph capturing the magical feeling. Another memorable afternoon with good friends!

Chambers Grove Park Outing: 6/4/20

The group really found spring along the beautiful trails at Chambers Grove Park. The park is on the shores of the St. Louis River, and the flora was putting on quite a spring show. The greens under the emerging forest canopy were enchanting, and the goslings and their parents put on a good show. As these images from the outing show, look up! Look down! And get close! The possibilities abound for all to make a walk in the forest a true meditative photography experience. Photography is good for you!

Brighton Beach Outing: 5/27/20

Back to the big lake! Lake Superior provided the perfect backdrop to practice taking photographs of blue skies and glistening water. The sunny weather makes it difficult to SEE the screen, and it can be tough to have confidence in what you are shooting. Here’s where editing can save the day. Easy things to edit include adjusting the horizon line, checking the brightness and if using live feature, selecting a long exposure or other option. And remember to crop your photos!

Lester Park Outing: 5/19/20

We began our search for spring at Lester Park, and found that winter was indeed waning. While sun would have warmed us up, the overcast skies made the greens and browns pop out. And I love the black and white dandelion! When you’re not too excited about one of your shots, try editing it and switching to black and white. There’s no right or wrong! We also found many ways to capture Amity Creek, including transforming a live photograph to long exposure.

Bayfront Photo Outing: 5/12/20

Members of the DWC Camera Club searched for patterns and shapes at Bayfront Festival Park — and captured many stunning images! We worked on framing photos, looking for repeating lines, and composition with the understanding that we can crop away while editing. Here are a sampling of the photographs that members posted on the club’s facebook group. Fun times!

Park Point Photo Outing: 5/7/20

A pesky pandemic and a closed club didn’t stop members of the DWC Camera Club! Several members explored the shore along Duluth’s Park Point beach, and created many stunning images. Here are a few of the photographs members shared in the club’s facebook group.

Chasing Fall Colors!


Wonderful to have such a great group of photo enthusiasts at last Friday’s first fall meeting of the DWC Camera Club! It was fun to share tips and explore new ways to capture the beauty of our area this magical time of year.

Here are the settings that I use on my iPhone 7 Plus:From the left: Turn flash off, set HDR to auto, use Live option, skip timer, and have original photo selected.Here’s a link to Apple’s photo tips for iPhones, iPads and iPods: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205659

Here’s a link to Android tips: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-take-the-best-photos-with-your-android-phone-1830990974

It’s been fall for a week, and it’s living up to its hype! A few more observations:

What seems like woeful weather is my friend! Fog, rain and cloudy skies creates subdued light, making the deep fall colors even more vibrant. Recent heavy rain means that the waterfalls are running high, and are often framed by changing leaves. Plus it’s a mushroom explosion! And reflection heaven. Here are a few shots from today at Pattison Park and Jay Cooke State Park:

• Watch weather forecast! Last week drove up the North Shore and found beautiful fall colors — but had the most fun when I got home and captured lightning from a severe storm in Wisconsin. I would have missed it if my hubby, Robb, didn’t literally see the clouds lighting up from his recliner. Pays to look up!

• A walking stick a good idea! While not really a photo tip, it does make it much easier to negotiate wet trails. No one wants to fall in fall! I also make sure that my “big” camera is in the case and that the iPhone is secure before negotiating a hill. Avoid slip sliding away!


After having worked at UMD for oh so many years, September always feels like the “new” start of the year. And since retiring 3 years ago, it’s still pretty darn exciting to be able to have the luxury of time when our slice of the world puts on quite the show!

Today my husband, Robb, literally drove our boat around the Duluth-Superior harbor and out onto Lake Superior while I snapped and tapped away on my camera and phone. And it was the best local boating day of the year on the first day of fall!

Here are a few observations:

* Midday light on the fall equinox is so much kinder than midsummer! The blue sky pops and you can get the sun behind your back at noon.

• Look up! When we first took off, the skies were clear. When the big puffy clouds moved in, they added so much to my photos.

• Reflections of changing leaves create a literal river of gold.

• And need to get out as many days as I can this fall to soak up my favorite time of year!! These videos and picture were taken with my phone. I’ll share the wide angle wows from the “big” camera soon!

Let’s all make a vow to get out and capture the magic of fall!