Week of March 1-5, 2021

Tuesday, March 2nd at 10 am
Zoom Executive Board Meeting

You can now view the Governing Board
Minutes list on the DWC website
Here is the link


Recognizing Volunteers

Helen Smith Stone started Northern Lights Machine Quilters Guild 20 years ago. It has grown to 70 members. Candy Adams is also a member. Each year the guild takes on at least one special project. Candy approached Helen to ask if the guild would be interested in providing quilts for the new Ronald McDonald House.

Helen thought it would be a wonderful opportunity and the guild is now making quilts all year long to give back and bring comfort  to the children at the RM House. Although the quilters had a good collection of fabrics they did need batting, which is the middle layer of a quilt. Helen contacted two national batting companies requesting a donation. The guild was  pleased to receive three HUGE rolls of donated batting. They are each 25 yards long and 104″ wide.

The quilters are working from home or a studio to create  the quilts for the age group zero to three years old. If any club members are interested in helping with this project please contact:
Helen at hsmithstone@gmail.com 218-341-0489 or

Candy at candyjadams@gmail.com 218-390-3012.
They will provide patterns, fabric and batting if needed.  A specification sheet will be sent to you as required by the Manager  of RM House. This will detail the sizes of quilts that are needed.

Please DO NOT DROP OFF QUILTS at the RM House. All donations must be coordinated with Helen or Candy. A total of 60 quilts have been made thus far and 30  have already been donated. 

Check out the DWC Website and Facebook page for the link to the Fox 21 News interview which took place on February 23rd.

Thank you to the many volunteers
who give generously
 of their time and talent.

You can join the Zoom program right up until the program starts 
 If you signed up for a program and have not received the link by
Thursday evening please contact Rolene.
If you would like to view a past program the DWC YouTube link
is on the DWC website (password Hartman)

If you know of another person who would enjoy
watching the program live or on You Tube please
invite them. Let Rolene know their email address and
she will send them the link for the Zoom program.



No Agenda” Friday March 5th 1 pm
Coffee and Conversation

If you are not busy on Friday, March 5th,  grab a cup of coffee and join me on Zoom for just  some conversation and sharing…..
It’s been a year since we’ve had a chance to just visit with each other, have a few laughs and just catch up…..
So, please let me know that you would like to join the
conversation by Friday morning, March 5th and I will send you a Zoom invitation.  
We’ll plan to meet at 1:00.
Hope to see you Friday!

Spring Shower

Announcing a Spring Shower for the reopening of the Duluth Woman’s Club. The Ways and Means Committee will again be offering  members a chance to make a contribution to help  the Duluth Woman’s Club reopen.

The Spring Shower will run March 1 until April 25 and all are invited to participate in some way. Offer an item to be bid on, food is always successful. Spring wreath or other decorations, classes, a basket of fun, art work? We  will also have opportunities to fund cleaning and restoring items in the house.

In will be similar to our wildly successful Bizarre Bazaar! Help keep the tax man from our newly restored front entry!

These items will be available for the first week of the DWC Spring Shower, February 28 through March 6. Just like the Bizarre Bazaar, email your bids to roseyrita@mac.com by midnight, Saturday March 6!

1. Help pay for new runners for our recently refurbished front entry way. Keep those tiles shinny for a few years!  
Bid: $25 and up, unlimited. 

2. A touch of spring by our own Judy Rocchio. A 12 × 4 inch rectangular flower arrangement.
Minimum bid $40.00, only one available.

3. Help stretch our bucks and main level carpet, and have
it cleaned too! Bid $25 and up, unlimited.

4. Drawing fun with Rosemary. A unique 2 hour class to be scheduled in April at  the Duluth Woman’s Club. Limited to 6, socially distanced and masked participants. Materials will be provided.
Minimum bid $15 each, limited to six people.

Photos of Judy’s flower arrangement and Rosemary’s art class  “teaser” can be seen on www.duluthwomansclub.com and Duluth Woman’s Club Facebook and Instagram pages.
Remember email roseyrita@mac.com. It’s so easy! 

Donations of interesting items for the shower are welcome. Just call 218-390-8426 or email roseyrita@mac.com

Member Spotlight

Send information for member spotlight to Rolene
Rolenelampi@gmail.com 218-742-2401

Membership Information

Your opinion matters! As we continue planning the reopening of the club, we want to make certain we’re meeting the needs of the members. Please return the survey with your candid answers to help us do just that. So we have the information as soon as possible, please return your survey, using the addressed return envelope, by March 15. Patty Miller (pattymiller13@icloud.com) and/or Pam Williams (pamelarwilliams52@gmail.com) can answer any questions you may have.

Cabi Spring Fashion Showcase: March 18

Mark your calendars for the Cabi Fashion Showcase on March 18. You’ll get to see the new spring line and purchase something to wear when the club reopens.

Clothing will be available to try on, and the Cabi rep will be on-site to advise. We’ll publish time slots shortly so we can maintain social distancing. Please wear a mask when you come.
Pam Williams (pamelarwilliams52@gmail.com) and Sandra Nelson (travelbysandranelson@gmail.com) are available to answer questions. More information will follow.

A Message from Lucy Kragness and the Camera Club

No walk this week! Head out on your own with friends in this beautiful weather!

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” -Lewis Grizzard

Rolene Lampi

Vice President/Program Chair

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