Week of January 24 – 28, 2022

Retirement Gift

You have an opportunity to contribute to Kathy LaTour’s retirement by either mailing a check or dropping it off in the mailbox. Make the check out to DWC with Kathy’s gift in the memo line. The deadline for sending your gift is January 28th. A card and check will be mailed to Kathy in honor of her retirement. 

Bridge and games Tuesday and Wednesday.

 Contact Sandra Keyser with questions
218-728-1787 sandrabkeyser@gmail.com

Photo Club with Lucy Kragness

No photo walk until further notice.

“There’s no formula. Keep busy with your work and your life. Replay the good times. Be grateful for the years you had.” -Betty White on positivity

Rolene Lampi

Vice President/Program Chair

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