Week of February February 22-26, 2021

You can now view the current membership
list on the DWC website
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Recognizing Volunteers

Heritage Fund Board of Trustees

Chair Christine Klingaman, Financial Director Helena Jackson, Tina Licari, Char McConnell, Diane Klepatz, Past President Ruth Ann Eaton and Secretary Candy Adams

Thank you to the many volunteers
who give generously
 of their time and talent.

You can join the Zoom program right up until the program starts 
 If you signed up for a program and have not received the link by
Thursday evening please contact Rolene.
If you would like to view a past program the DWC YouTube link
is on the DWC website (password Hartman)

If you know of another person who would enjoy
watching the program live or on You Tube please
invite them. Let Rolene know their email address and
she will send them the link for the Zoom program.



Friday, February 26th 1pm
Zoom Program
“Moral Development”
Presented by Dave Griffin

How one acquires one’s sense of morality takes time.
You will learn about the 4-step Moral Development
model and its relevance in how people relate to
conflicting issues today. Dave will tell us how he
navigated those four steps and give each of you an 
opportunity to share how you dealt with those similar
hurdles as you confronted them when you were
acquiring your sense of right and wrong.
Fascinating and insightful!
Reservations with Rolene Lampi

Member Spotlight

Mary Krook

Thank you for your kind welcome and invitation to introduce myself to the membership.  It is more like a reintroduction because years ago when we lived on East 3rd Street while raising our family, I belonged to The Womans Club.  At that time I was very impressed with the quality of life the endearing ladies who belonged were enjoying and found it very inspirational.  This is what has attracted me to 
rejoining as we recently  “retired from retirement.”
It’s almost as if you are asking me to write my obituary and what does one include from a very full life?  It’s overwhelming to me all of the places I have been and all that I have had the pleasure of doing.  
This is just a snapshot:
 Growing up I became the eldest of 12 children in SW MN and conditioned to being a caretaker from an early age, eventually graduated from St. Mary’s School of Nursing in Rochester MN.  My first nursing job was at the UM’s  only intensive care unit at the time under Dr. C. Walton Lillehei where I met my husband Jim who was a medical student and neighbor.  After we married, we moved to Durham NC where Jim completed a residency program in Hematology/Oncology at Duke & I worked in the Pulmonary/Renal ICU. Our son Jon was born there. During the Vietnam War, Jim received a deferment to become Chief of Medicine at the Public Health Hospital in New Orleans & I worked in the ICU.  Our daughter Kristen was born there.  Then Jim accepted a position at The Duluth Clinic as a cancer specialist and researcher and was in practice here for over 35 years.  Our youngest son Paul was born here.  During this time, it was my privilege to graduate from St. Scholastica with a BA Nursing followed by working as a Gerontology Case Manager at The Duluth Clinic between the whirlwind of volunteer and family activities.   Eventually we retired to our lake property in Barnes from which we launched our family into their adult lives and were involved in environmental concerns.
 Jon is now a critical care surgeon at Hennepin County Medical Center, married to Susan Reinsch with two children;  Jack 13, & Molly 12.
Kristen is a housing specialist for Dakota Country, married to
Travis Andersen with two children:  Mikayla 16 & Riley 14.
Paul completed his formal education by graduating with a Magista from The Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and is now teaching there in The International School.  He is married to Lucia Van Egmond and has two children, Riva 5 and Oliver 3.  
 As time has progressed, a conflict developed between spending time with grandchildren and being able to maintain our property in Barnes as we were not there that much.  During the Pandemic we have managed to sell our lake property of 38 years, scale down our workload and move into Duluth to an apartment at The Chateau.  Meanwhile an apartment became available close to our family in Salzburg to rent and we are looking forward to the time when we can once again get back into the swing of being with all of our grandchildren in their family settings.  Despite the limitations, the best part of The Pandemic has been the opportunity to simply “be,” watch the sunrise & sunset over the lake, rediscover hiking & cross country ski trails in Duluth, play the piano, try new recipes, read good books, & especially keep up with family through amazing technology.  It’s wonderful to be anchored back in Duluth again and I am especially looking forward to the educational programs and bridge at The Womans Club and getting to know its current endearing members. 

Send information for member spotlight to Rolene
Rolenelampi@gmail.com 218-742-2401

Spring Shower

Announcing a Spring Shower for the reopening of the Duluth Woman’s Club. The Ways and Means Committee will again be offering  members a chance to make a contribution to help  the Duluth Womans Club reopen. The Spring Shower will run March 1 until April 25 and all are invited to participate in some way.
Offer an item to be bid on, food is always successful. Spring wreath or other decorations, classes, a basket of fun, art work? We  will also have opportunities to fund cleaning and restoring items in the house. In will be similar to our wildly successful Bizarre Bazaar!
Help keep the tax man from our newly restored front entry!

Membership Information

Your opinion matters! Please be on the look out for a DWC membership survey you will receive in the mail. As we continue planning the reopening of the club, we want to make certain we’re meeting the needs of the members. Returning this survey (and your candid answers) will help us do just that. So we have the information as soon as possible, please return your survey, using the addressed return envelope , by March 15. Patty Miller (pattymiller13@icloud.com) and/or Pam Williams (pamelarwilliams52@gmail.com) can answer any questions you may have.
Mark your calendars for the Cabi Fashion Showcase on March 18. You’ll get to see the new spring line and purchase something to wear when the club reopens. Clothing will be available to try on, and the Cabi rep will be on-site to advise. We’ll publish time slots shortly so we can maintain social distancing. Please wear a mask when you come. Pam Williams (pamelarwilliams52@gmail.com) and Sandra Nelson (travelbysandranelson@gmail.com) are available to answer questions. More information will follow.

Community Outreach Event

This spring’s community outreach project will be collecting food shelf items to be distributed by CHUM at their West Duluth Emergency Food Shelf located in Our Saviors Lutheran Church. It sounds like they are the most in need right now.

Please bring non-perishable food items to the DWC on Wednesdays between 12 and 2 in the afternoon. The Mahjongg group should be there and the door should be unlocked. 
Here is the information detailing most needed items:

Foods Most Needed: pears, fruit cocktail, pineapple, mandarin oranges, chicken noodle & cream of mushroom soup, peanut butter, tuna, spam, Spaghettio’s,
chili, stew, chunky soups, pasta sides, rice-a-roni & ramen,  cold cereal, pork and beans.

The Community Outreach members will deliver the donated food items on March 1st or 2nd.

A Message from Lucy Kragness and the Camera Club

Brighton Beach Photo Walk
The ice watch continues! Let’s return to Brighton Beach  on Wednesday, February 26 at 1 pm. We will access the lakewalk from Lester Park and walk to Brighton Beach and see what we find. This is an easy walk along a plowed paved trail. If you’d rather skip the walk, join us at Brighton Beach around 1:30 near the first parking area. There’s a lot of ice on the lake now, but it’s warming up. Here’s to patterns in the ice!
Walkers will be gathering in the parking lot off Lester River Road.
Hope to see you!
Directions: From downtown Duluth, travel east on
London Road to 60th Avenue East.
Take a left on 60th Avenue East.
Take a right on Superior Street.
Cross over the river and take a left on Lester River Road.
Parking lot on the left.

“In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.” -Patience Strong

Rolene Lampi

Vice President/Program Chair

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