DWC Survey Results: March 2021

Thank you to members who returned our survey. We had an incredible response rate. Here are the results:

We want to know what you think! As we continue planning our club’s reopening, your ideas and preferences are important. Please take a few moments to complete this survey and return it in the enclosed envelope by March 15. Be candid. We can’t meet your needs if we don’t know what they are. Your responses will be kept confidential.

Why do you belong to the club? Please select three.

74 Friendship and fellowship
29 Bridge
12 Games, book clubs, photography club
50   Programs and education
11   Community service
16   Special activities
37   Luncheons
40   Meeting new people
9     Complimentary use of building for personal events
4     Other

What sort of programs would you like to see offered?

55 Duluth history
45   Community resources and programs
24   Sources for community service
10   Ideas for collaborative service projects with other groups
7     Political forums nonpartisan, civic issues, gov info
24   Craft how-tos
25   Fashion Shows
39   Local businesses and services of interest, woman-owned
29   Classes bridge lessons, 1-3 sessons each
39   Music-themed
24   Demonstrations
2     Travel
1     Programs about women
1     Monthly newsletter
1     Artist

Traditionally, we’ve had a weekly luncheon and program at the club. How often would you want to meet for the traditional luncheon/program/meeting time? 

28   Weekly
42   Bi-monthly
11   Monthly
3     Either weekly or biweekly
1     Lunch with program 2 times per month, program every week
1     Depends on programs
1     Weekly bridge with lunch

How often would you like to attend special activities such as holiday dinners, off-site activities, or other special programs. Monthly, bi-monthly, 3 or 4 times a year? In Duluth or out of the area? The question here related to the desire to create a seasonal club event. (e.g. Saint Patrick Day dinner.


50        3-4 times/yr
2          not often
5          2-3 times/yr
1          1-2 times/yr
4          monthly
1          2 times/mo


13        Club
2          Day trips/Twin Cities, WI, North Shore, Naniboujou 
1          Nature field trips (Sax Zim bog)
2          Holiday teas
2          Outside summer fall dinners or gatherings
10        Dinners/holiday dinners with music/entertainment 2          More special events, less programs
1          Keep costs down
1          Sunday afternoons
1          Emphasize fun/interaction
1          Progressive dinners in groups of 8, dessert at club
1          Monthly book club
1          Not excited about dinners
1          Vary dinner themes: Intl wine day, Intl woman’s month
1          Attend local events together with or w/o predinner
1          Have mixer before events to get people talking
1          Plan special events with other partner groups
1          support local businesses

What type of special club activities would you like to attend?

39   Theater
30   Museums
41   Historical sites
25   Nature focused 
32   Gourmet dinners/lunches 
23   Cooking classes

How would you like to volunteer your time?

39 Community service programs
39   Donations
8     One on one time, such as tutoring
15   DWC ways and means activities
6     DWC leadership/board /committee positions
18   DWC special projects, such as building and grounds projects
1   do not want to volunteer
1     volunteer at church
1     volunteer at Rotarians
1     over committed elsewhere

Which ways-and-means programs do you like best?

57   Tour of Homes and Gardens
47   Fall bazaar
15   Bizarre Bazaar
19   Small group programs, how-tos or other activities/events that members pay to attend
0     Other

What do you think we could do to recruit more members? Are there groups with whom you believe we should better collaborate?

1 Increase community visibility
2 Volunteer in community
5 Invite friends to activities
1 Add activities to offset cost of membership/value of membership
2 Advertise activities in local media
2 Continue to offer trial memberships
1 Promote friendship and programs
3 Promote bridge activities
4 Recruit working women with late afternoon/weekend/evening events
1 Promote in Woman Today magazine
2 Collaborate with other groups involved in women’s/children’s issues
1 Annual open house
1 Plan programs modeled after UMD’s University for Seniors
2 Target recently retired people, including teachers
1 Make new members feel welcome
1 Budget for advertising expenses
1 Consider selling building
2 Identify clubs/groups who may be interested in one of our programs and invite them
2 Identify/determine who we are
1 Club tries to do too much
1 September open house
1 Encourage bridge group subs to join
1 Recruit women in Superior, Proctor, Hermantown, Cloquet
1 Plan a dinner dance (swing/ballroom) 1 x yr
1 Offer a “gentle” exercise class several mornings a week w/coffee and conversation after
1 Hire staff to offer luncheons to bridge groups and Friday program groups
2 Diversify membership of club by recruiting ethic and minority groups
1 Be open to new ideas and activities
1 Create a “youth” woman’s club open to all who identify as women
1 Pam and other members doing a good job
1 Good job on FB and website
1 Patty-good job on survey cover letter
1 Offer chef-prepared hot lunches on site
League of Women Voters
Med/Law auxiliaries
Community Action Duluth (CAD)
Neighborhood services
Youth services
Junior League

What could we do better?

1 Increase involvement in community
2 Open club to small groups on days other than Tuesday and Friday
1 Contact area universities/colleges to recruit speakers for programs
9 Leadership is doing an exceptionally fine job
1 Offer a take home dinner for a charge
2 Encourage members to sit at different tables to promote new friendships
3 Club is cliquish
1 Dues too expensive
4 Require all activity attendees to be fully vaccinated
1 Don’t like lunch menus
2 Diversify membership base
1 Mary Overland did a good job recruiting and engaging new members
1 Bubble groups a good idea
1 Hold retreat with consultant to focus on mission/purpose/goals
1 Determine staffing based on needs not personalities
1 Sell adjacent land
1 Create upstairs apartment
1 Difficult to please everyone
1 Allow members to serve as either committee chair or officer at any one time to increase membership representation
3 Survey was a good idea
1 Plan a variety of activities as members have diverse reasons for joining
2 Communicate serious nature of club financial situation to membership
1 Ensure financial accountability
1 Hire cooperative manager who is accountable to the board
2 Communicate both good news and challenges to membership
1 Keep an open mind regarding maintaining club, may need to sell property
2 Reach out to new members
2 Get new members involved
1 Serve noon meals on time
1 Recognize birthdays
1 Have everyone introduce themselves at each meeting and to say something about themselves
1 Strengthen reputation for welcoming atmosphere, inclusivity, fun, excellent meals, programs
1 Good job, Patty
1 Serve good quality, hot meals, no box lunches
1 Encourage members w/Internet access to use website for info
1 Charge members without Internet access $5 for a hard copy directory
1 Improve luncheon menu/food
1 Eliminate “old-guard” leadership so same people are not always making decisions
1 Allow manager to do her job/oversee staff, members should not be doing her job
1 Use deck
1 Change DWC status to non-profit
1 Promote building rental to businesses for special events, especially chef-sevices
1 Offer once a month cocktail hours
1 Be willing to make changes and be open to new ideas
1 Food costs too high

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