Bizarre Bazaar!

Items for the week of October 4 – October 11

Bid now, bids open all week.

Welcome to the first week of the DWC Bizarre Bazaar! Since we can’t have a DWC Fall Bazaar (which was so successful and fun last year) or even a Country Store, we are using this Bizarre Bazaar to help fill our fundraising gap.

You have one week to bid and highest bidders get the item. More items will be put up the next week and so on. The bazaar began October 4 and will run through November 22.

Chair Rosemary Guttormsson or a committee member will notify the weekly winners and set up pick up and delivery and payment by check.
Good luck on your bidding, and thank you for supporting the Duluth Womans Club!


International Gourmet Dinner for 4
Donated by Marissa Hoogenakker

Pick from one of  the following dinner choices:

  1. Moroccan: chicken or fish tagine with roasted vegetables and bread.
  2. Greek: Pastitsio (layered noodle/meat/veg Greek casserole) with pita, cucumber salad and tzatziki sauce.
  3. Caribbean: Jerk chicken or shrimp, mango chutney, red beans and rice, fried desert plantains.
  4. Indian: chicken masala, tamarind and cilantro chutney, saffron rice, naan bread, veggies.
  5. Sesame crusted tofu with stir fry rice noodle/veggies. (GF & VG)
  6. Seafood Paella and salad.

Served at her home or yours.
Minimum bid is $60 for a dinner for 4.
Highest bidder will be notified on Oct. 11. Bid by sending an email to


MahJongg Lessons:
Two, 2-hour lessons

Here’s your opportunity to learn MahJongg! Barbara Burke and Rosemary Guttormsson will teach two, 2-hour lessons at the DWC, to be arranged M-F.

Minimum bid is $25.

Notify us of your bid via email:
Winners will be notified on Sunday, October 11.
Top two bids will win. 


Hand Made Designer Wool Scarf: Poppy Inspiration
Made by Lucy Kragness

This delightful wrap captures the explosion of color in a Duluth summer garden. Inspired by the shape of poppies, this lightweight, one-of-a-kind garment also works well as a neck scarf. Dimensions: 58 inches long by 13 inches wide. Fibers: 100% magenta silk fabric, combined with fine layers of complementary shades of green, purple, magenta, pink, yellow and white merino wool.

Minimum bid is $50.

Email your bid to:
Winner will be notified on Sunday, October 11.


Five Friday Lunches That You Did Not Eat
$75 minimum bid

Unlimited number available!  Notify us of your bid at Everyone wins!


Thank you for supporting the Duluth Womans Club!